Gates and Repair 

Do have a gate that is not opening and closing properly? Maybe your gate is not latching securely, if this is you then you have come to the right place. Check out what we have to offer today!

Fence Repair 

Let’s just face it, sometimes things happen, especially when living in Southern Louisiana where the weather changes at the snap of a finger. That is why Alpha Fencing is here to offer fence repair along with gate installation and/or gate repair. If you have a fence that is not quite ready to be replace but rather just needs a little touch up, do not hesitate to call Alpha Fencing. We specialize in all aspects of fence repair. Whether your fence is wood, metal, or iron, you can trust that if it is broken, we can fix it. If your wooden fence is leaning because of that bad storm or maybe a section of the fence has given way, we are available and ready to help.


Our professionals will come out to evaluate the damage and make an inventory of what it will take to restore your fence or gate to its original state. Once the inspection is complete, our pros will be able to survey  the material availability to make sure we can match your current fence’s color. After the searching and shopping is done, we will contact you with a quote on repair. With customer satisfaction in mind, you will be given all the different options of repair so that you can have the opportunity to decide what is best for your fence and your wallet.  Whether the amount of damage is big or small you can trust that Alpha Fencing will do everything in its power to make your fence right again. Before getting started, our technician will walk you through the process of the repair. We want to make sure you understand the steps and expected time frame required. On some occasions depending of difficulty and severity of the repair,  it may require multiple days to ensure you are left with a correct and serviceable repair. It is our goal that when we complete a job that you, the homeowner, would be unable to tell the original fence from the repair.


In terms of needing repairs, gates are the number one repair that we get called out on. Gates are moving part of the fence, which means it consists of moveable and wearable parts. If not properly installed, gates can sag over time causing damage to the movable mechanisms. Don’t settle for a gate that sags. If your fence needs a gate repaired or replaced, do not hesitate to call Alpha Fencing. We have many options to choose from, check out our great options below.

Wooden Framed Gates 

As the name suggest, these gates are built completely out of wood. Because wood gates can get very heavy they have a  greater the chance for premature failure of the post and the gate itself. In order to adjust to the weight it is highly recommended that wooden gates are no wider than four feet. For those customers interested in something larger such as an eight foot gate a double wooden gate would be a great option. In need of something even wider than eight feet? We strongly suggest you upgrade to a metal framed wooden gate.

Metal Framed Gates 

Metal frame gates, unlike wooden gates, resist sagging and can easily be adjusted over time if needed. Because they are built with galvanized steel tubing and faced with wooden or metal fencing material they can withstand the weight. The steel tubes are attached to strong metal poles that have been cemented into the ground. This creates a gate that will not sag and will continue to operate properly daily. While these gates are more expensive than traditional wood gates, they make up for the cost over time with their durability. If you’re tired of  dealing with gate that doesn’t close or one that is dragging the ground, call Alpha Fencing today.

Driveway Gates 

It is our pleasure to offer cast iron gate installation. While these gates are expensive, they last a lifetime. Cast iron gates are hand built and can be designed and personalized to fit your home and personal style. You also have the ability to add a closing system that allows the gate to open and close automatically. This makes maneuvering heavy large gates an easy task. If you are in the market for a cast iron gate, give us a call and we will be glad to assist.

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Fence Repair

If your fence is in need of repair don’t hesitate to call today. We are excited to hear from you.