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Metal Fencing has been around for over and has stood the test of time. For over 100 years metal fencing has the been the preferred choice when looking for fence that will last you a lifetime. Whether you prefer corrugated metal or cast iron, we’ve got what your fence needs!

Metal fences are the number one choice. If properly maintained they are virtually weather proof. Alpha Fence offers many color options to suit your decorative needs. Give us a call today for all your fencing needs.

Corrugated Metal

If preservation and longevity are your top priorities consider corrugated metal fencing. A corrugated metal fence is the most durable, long-lasting fence on earth. Corrugated metal fences come in a variety of colors and have been proven to last up to 50 years! These fences are held together by an attached runner which carries their weight. These runners are then attached to one another by either galvanized or stainless steel screws.  while being held together by screws. A metal fence is an ideal choice for giving you a superior level of privacy and extra security around your property. You can feel safe and secure when your property is suurounded by a metal fence.

The color variety available also allows for a personlized touch and an added decorative element to your space!


Aluminum Fencing

For those on a budget who want the look of cast iron without the cast iron price, aluminum fences make a great choice. They are available in mulitple heights and designs. They are pre-made panels which are come attached to poles that have been secirely cemented into the ground. Aluminium fences are a great options for those looking to add extra security around their property but have limited space for building!

Metal fences are a beautiful and durable choice. Along with providing extra privacy and security they also provide provide visibility through the fence so that you are still able to visualize your surroundings. If you are looking to secure certain areas such as pools or play areas consider aluminum fencing. With this type of fence with get the perfect combination of security and visualization. What to find out more about our high quality fences? Please contact us today at (insert phone number).

If you are looking for a low maintenance but top quality fence that gives you maximum privacy while allowing to still see your outer surroundings then metal fencing is your answer. These fences are tough and hard to damage. Metal fences are built to last you a lifetime. Call for a free estimate on a corrugated or aluminum fence today.

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