Wood Fencing

Fencing is the most popular of all fencing. With a variety of designs and materials to choose from wood, fencing can be installed relatively quickly. So, if you are looking for a fence that is budget-friendly but doesn’t lack in beauty then a wood fence may be perfect for you.

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Wood Fence

Wood fence is the most popular type of home and business security in Metairie, LA. Wood fencing provides protection and seclusion for your house and business. We provide a variety of wood fences, including cedar, pine, and redwood.

Fence Repairs

We can help if you have an existing fence that needs to be mended. We provide a variety of repair services, including board replacement, damaged posts, and gate repairs.


Adding or repairing a gate is a common service request that we receive. We can add any type of gate you desire, including swinging, sliding, and electric gates. We can also install automatic gates for your home or business.

Chain Walls

Chain walls are a fantastic way for homeowners to protect their new fences and add security. Chain walls may be set up before or after the fence is built.

Painting & Staining

One of the best ways to keep your wood fence looking new is to paint or stain it on a regular basis. We can do this for you, or you can hire us to teach you how to do it yourself.


We also provide fence removal services in Metairie. If you want to get rid of your old fence and have a new one installed, we can help. We will remove the old fence and install the new one for you.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

wooden fencingAlpha Fence is a family-owned and managed fence company in Metairie, Louisiana. We provide a range of fencing services, including wood fences, metal fences, chain link fences, and gates. Installation and repair services for all sorts of fences are also available. Our team has years of expertise in the field and is dedicated to providing our customers with quality services that they can trust.

Wood fences are the most popular type of fence in Metairie, LA for both residential and commercial properties. They provide a level of security and privacy that is unmatched by other types of fencing materials. Wood fences can also be customized to match the style of your home

We provide long-lasting wood fencing. Our fences are built with care and attention to detail, so they will look beautiful from day one until they need to be replaced many years later.

Our fences, which are built of long-lasting materials like metal and polycarbonate, can withstand the elements while avoiding warping or cracking. You may rest confident that our fences are constructed of high-quality materials that won’t bend or fracture over time, as other types of fencing material might. When you choose us to install your fence, we will come to your property and take measurements so that we can provide you with a fence that is the perfect size and shape for your needs.

You may trust that our team will work diligently to install your fence in a timely and efficient manner. We know that you are likely eager to have your new fence installed, so we will work as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.


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Pressure Treated-  Pressure-treated pine is the most popular and budget-friendly option. It is chemically treated which makes it weather-resistant and prevents rot and insect damage. Pressure-treated pine has a yellow to greenish tint and holds its color well. Treated pine fencing once dried can be sealed and stained. To add to the lifespan of the wood fence, sealing the wood every two years is recommended. Moisture is the number one cause for the early failure of a wood fence. Fence boards should be installed 1-2 inches above the ground in order to prevent wicking.

Cedar- Unlike pine, cedar fence, is naturally resists rot and insects and does not require chemical treatment. Cedar is more expensive but does tend to last longer. As far as color, cedar boards will become gray if they go unstained or unsealed. Pressure washing will restore the color of cedar fencing. The runners (the board the fencing is attached to) can come in cedar and pressure treated as well. If you would like a quote on getting a fence installed in either cedar or pine just give Alpha Fencing a call today.



PrivacyPrivacy fences are the most common type of fences. They are usually 6’- 8’ in height with fence boards being placed closely together leaving only small spaces that are visible. Privacy fences as the name suggest, keep your yard private from the street and up close. Fence caps and kickboards/rot boards can be added to give your privacy fence some design and style. Caps are a design feature that can be added to your fence that protect the top of the fence and post from moisture. This can help to increase the life of your fence. Kickboards/rot boards protect the bottom of your privacy fencing from moisture, water damage, and from damage caused by mowers and trimmers. If a rot board gets damaged, it can easily be changed.

PicketPicket Fences are shorter fences ranging 3′-4′ and are often used in front yards and walkways. These fences allow air movement between boards as the boards are spaced anywhere from 3-4 inches apart. This spacing offers little privacy. A picket fence is a great choice for keeping children and pets in the yard. These fences are often painted white, which gives some the depiction of a simpler time. If you would like a white picket fence, make sure to give us a call today.

Horizontal – Becoming a more popular choice in recent times is Horizontal fencing. As the name suggest, wooden boards are run horizontal with the ground. The boards used for these fences come in different widths according to your preference. These fences do require more material making them more expensive. To prevent poles from warping they must be driven every 5’4”.


Alpha Fencing is happy to offer staining and sealing of new fences. Staining and sealing will add years of life to your wooden fence. Pick from a variety of colors to make your fence stand out and compliment your style. If you are interested just ask one of our installers for a quote.

Using the correct hardware is crucial when building a wooden fence. Wooden or metal posts can be used when installing a wooden fence. Both have certain benefits. While less expensive and resistant to bending, wood poles are cheaper than metal but may be susceptible to rot or wood-destroying insects. Metal poles, while strong, can bend in high winds and are more expensive. Galvanized treated metal which will not rust and lasts the life of the fence is used in all our fastening material. When you get a fence installed by Alpha Fencing, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting a beautiful fence built with quality material that will not disappoint. 

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